Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Yamaha Vega RR - Cars of sport style motorcycle ~ car loan

- Mask and Yamaha Vega RR stamps are designed in the style of motorcycle model R6.

With the new design, Yamaha Vega RR launched to replace "elder" ZR. According to Yamaha, Vega RR owner sporty and masculine than.

Four new points clear of Yamaha Vega RR located in front masks, stamps, car wheels and paint color below. Yamaha said, Vega RR applied some improvements have never appeared in the Indonesian market.

Yamaha Vega RR masks are designed with angular lines, in the style of motorcycle model R6. Apparently, Yamaha has tried to meet the needs of the customers want to buy a car and some unique differences.

On the gas mask of Yamaha Vega RR turn signals lights appear sharp. Behind the upgraded tail lights with reflectors over, reminiscent of the crystal. Not just better lighting, tail lights also help Yamaha Vega RR looks sporty and elegant.

Yamaha Vega RR stamp on the car is also designed with inspiration from R6 models. Below is a black belt feels strong and chic.

In the Indonesian market, Yamaha Vega comes RR 4 color options, including blue, white, red and black. We can say, "compact, versatile and beautiful" is what Yamaha wants consumers think of when looking at Vega RR.

Yamaha Vega RR is equipped with carburetor engine, 115 cc capacity. The engine is very durable and reliable when running on different types of terrain. In addition, the engine is fuel efficient and easy to maintain, even if the owner does not live in a big city.

Overall, Yamaha Vega RR is a suitable option for those who often have to move on crowded street or crowded. At prices of Yamaha Vega RR has yet to be announced.